The Cool Feedback Quartet Presse

Archie Patterson, Eurorock.

Feedback Quartet is like Neu 2017 on Quaaludes. An instrumental rock quartet comprised of Gregoire Garrigues (guitar, bass & keyboards), F. Robert Lloyd (guitar), Michel Guikovaty

(piano) and Iann Assuied (drums) their new album Dash My Mind is pure instrumental music brings to mind other earlier musical references as well. Other sonic references I hear are brief snatches of Fripp/ Eno, Sensations Fix, Tortoise, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine and the amazing 90’s Norwegian band Salvatore.

Two concrete influences would be the spirit of Free Jazz embodied in the collaborations of Gilbert Artman and Jac Berrocal. The other is The Larsen Effect of retroactive acoustic phenomenon discovered by Danish physician Soren Absalon Larsen. Jimi Hendrix perhaps most prominently used it as he extended bent and twisted notes of electric guitar feedback.

Musically it’s a sonic sequence of nine tracks that often bleed into one another employing short sequences of the Larsen Effect. With such an audacious album that flows as one composition it’s hard to pick a highlight, but track 4, Catalyst on the List, would be the one which half way through the album should convince any listener that this way one incredible dose of hi-octane instrumental music rocket fuel, a mutant kin to Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa. Ya Dig?

Archie Patterson, Eurorock.

The Cool Feedback Quartet by  Tony Thorne, Visiting Consultant at King's College London – GB.

A pitiless evocation of De Chirico’s nostalgia of the infinite, a protestation of faith amidst urban modernity’s frozen disorder. The Cool Feedback Quartet's post-rock psycho-lament is nothing if not a political gesture, an aural affirmation by way of machine-clash, electro-glide and plangent melody, set against the visual markers of crane and vapour-trail, rail and silo, that the future is out of date.

Vindictive vignettes of the dystopia in which we wheel, dive and bump against the plateglass like tanked fish, chatter like caged birds while jets scream and the pistons and steam-hammers of metropolis clank. In suburban park wastelands lost lovers recoil from superdiversity's shabby embrace.

format vinyl


*tarif France, nous consulter pour autres pays.